Thursday :: Jun 1, 2006

Rolling Stone Runs RFK Jr. Piece Detailing Theft Of 2004 Election

by Steve

Brad Friedman over at BradBlog first broke the story yesterday about the imminent release of a Rolling Stone story today by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that asserts the Ohio GOP and White House stole the 2004 vote in Ohio and the election. The Kennedy piece is set to hit the Rolling Stone website this morning, and will be in the newstand edition tomorrow.

Kennedy claims that 350,000 votes disappeared in Ohio, a state that Bush “won” with a fraction of that total, and with it the Electoral College. Harris says that Ohio was as dirty an election as you will ever see.

Blue Shark at Daily Kos has a good summary diary on the piece and the supporting evidence that the center-left blogosphere has known about for years.

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