Friday :: Jun 2, 2006

Why Am I Not Laughing?

by pessimist

That George W. Bush is a funny guy! Why, I'd just love to have a beer with him! He could tell me some real funny tales about his antics as pretzeldunce!

Bush: Sept. 11 'Ended on a Relatively Humorous Note' [via Daou Report]
Jun 1, 2006

In a 2003 interview with Ladies Home Journal, Bush told Peggy Noonan that during the late-night hours of Sept. 11, he and wife Laura were hustled around the White House in their bedtime clothes because it was thought a jet was going to crash into the building.
“[T]he day ended on a relatively humorous note,” he said. “We got a laugh out of it.”

I'll just bet you did!

I'll bet you regaled the "relatives of some of the 40 passengers and crew members who are portrayed in United 93" with these 'humourous antidotes' when you showed that movie at the White House the other day!

Did you tell them this guffaw-generator from the Ladies Home Journal interview?

Noonan: How have you done as a war leader of the United States of America in the 21st century?

President Bush: Well, I wish you'd described it as how have I been as a peacemaker. I'm reluctant to use our military, but when we do, it's to make the world a more peaceful place. And I believe the world is a more peaceful place. Hopefully, we'll never have to use our military again.

Hillarious! You should have also told them the one about the Pearl Harbor sailor named Bob, and the funny stories from the Cuban Missile Crisis, and how about those knee-slappers from the Great Depression, and...

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