Sunday :: Jun 4, 2006

TLC Weekend Roundup

by eriposte

I haven't yet seen Al Gore's move "An Inconvenient Truth" which is topping the per theatre gross this weekend (h/t Atrios). But I expect to see it within the next couple of weeks. Real Climate has a scientific review of the movie - worth reading. While we are on the topic of global warming, make sure you check out Carbonfund.

Canadian Michael Stickings of the blog The Reaction has some information on the terrorism case roiling Canada. No surprise, the usual jokers on the Right are at it again with their nonsense.

Barbara O'Brien of Mahablog has a rather interesting post on religion titled "Liberal Jesus" at Unclaimed Territory where she is guest-blogging. Do take a look.

Ever heard of the Central Asia Caucasus Institute (CACI) at the Johns Hopkins University? Me neither. But you better get familiar with it since it is apparently home for "The Professor of Repression". Seriously.

Are you reading Calitics? If not, you should be. It's one of the best progressive California blogs and they have some excellent coverage of California politics. Bookmark them and read them daily if you are interested in California politics.

Finally, the GOP is trying to dismantle the estate tax on June 6. Go read about it at Mend the Estate Tax, Don't End It. Coalition for America's Priorities has much more - including contact information for your Senators.

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