Wednesday :: Jun 7, 2006

The War Is Coming Home?

by pessimist

A friend of mine - a very nice if naive lady - sent me one of those justifications for 'fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here' emails. It was full of the usual BS, so I won't bore you with the details. But considering certain recent events, it got me to thinking. (As this isn't a research post, but is instead an opinion post, there won't be any links to back up my claims for now. That will have to wait until I have more time.)

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been raids on suspected terror cells in Canada and Britain. There have also been questions asked over the reasoning behind ordering these raids, including the prospect of entrapment by authorities. There was something amiss with these two instances, and it wasn't until I was mulling over this justification email that it occured to me: There is no corresponding raid in the US.

Why would there not be? The United States started this whole mess, not Britain, and certainly not Canada. Britain has troops in Iraq, Canada does not. Canadian troops have been in Afghanistan, but there is a good chance they won't be staying there much longer. They haven't been involved in any aggressive military action that I could discover with a cursory Google search, and thus shouldn't be selected for a domestic attack any more than any other nation currently supplying UNOCAL Karzai with security (US and Britain excepted).

So why would Muslims want to target Canada???

That's when it hit me - this is all a setup.

Canada has just had a major change in government, turning over power to a party which is an analog of the American GOP. They are extremely supportive of the PNAC-Bu$hCo New World Order program, and I believe that many of the outrages perpetrated on Americans will be happening to Canadians soon - including a Great White North version of Homeland Security.

But how to get this off the ground if no country is mad enough at Canada to act in such a manner that would justify the creation of such a monster? How convenient that these Canadian 'terrists' came along! I'm surprised they aren't in Guantanamo yet!

Over in Britain, that investigation reeks like stale Stilton. The anniversary of the 7/7 london bombings is rapidly approaching, and Tony Blair is under great pressure from political opponents of all stripes and colors. His approval ratings are about as low as his American Liege's, and his political survival is in doubt.

This future board member of the Carlyle Group has to be protected, however, as he must have some task to complete before he can don the mantle of a Superior Being and run the world for the Guardians as UN Secretary General. Thus, the Bu$hCo playbook stunt of creating a terrorist cell where one doesn't exists in order to frighten the people into not changing war horses in the middle of a polluted political stream.

Will such a 'discovery' soon occur in Australia? Could that have been the price of John Howard's recent State Dinner - something denied the man who leads the nation which holds the largest portion of the US debt? One watches and waits.

I doubt we'll wait long, as the Australian people are beginning to ask uncomfortable questions - about Iraq, about John Howard's integrity, about why their sons have to die for American Oil Consumption. Because they are so distant geographically from any other part of the former British Empire, their very survival as a country rests on very different pillars these days, and their motivations are thus inspired. Their economic future is with China, not the United States, and for that reason they may not necessarily go the Bu$hCo direction - but it won't be for lack of trying on the latter's part.

With Italy and South Korea announcing Iraqi force reductions, and Japan likely to follow very soon, King George's Coalition of the $willing is shrinking to the point of inviability. In order to save what remains, he has to influence them in some manner. But his influence - weak as it is - only seems to work in WASP nations.

The Asian nations began their overt shift in allegiance to China over the course of last year. I'm sure there were covert moves prior to any publicly announced initiatives.

Latin America continues to move away from Bu$hCo Washington, and the Arab states openly flaunt their growing connections to The Dragon as if daring George to do something about it.

The EU is wavering in Putin's direction, because he does have the means to deliver energy that George doesn't - and it won't require that a member state contribute troops to a losing effort.

This pretty much leaves the former British Empire (including the recipient of so many American high-tech jobs - India) to Follow The Decider Wherever He May Go.

I read these two 'investigations' as signs that Bu$hCo is growing desperate. The mid-term elections are fraught with portents of political disaster, and keeping the Directorate out of sight (and out of Red State mind) is vital to the corporofascist cause. Distraction is the keyword, as attention from the legal system for misdeeds is coming to be too close for comfort. Scooter has to stall his trial until after November. DeLay has to delay until Diebold can again perform its processor piracy.

The only way this can happen is to stage another "Statue of 'Liberty' Play" in order to throw that Hail Caesar pass into the Carlyle end-of-the-Republic zone.

If this fails, however, there would be few options remaining open. The prospect of the declaration of martial law is a real one. At that point, we have to hope that enough of the US officer corps remebers the oath they all swore upon being commissioned.

If too many have forgotten, then the War of Terror really has come home.

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