Wednesday :: Jun 7, 2006

Afternoon Update - "Single Bullet" Arlen Caves Again

by Steve

Arlen “Single Bullet” Specter once again collapsed like wet toilet paper, when he caved in to Shooter and agreed not to force telecom executives to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee on their role in the NSA spying programs. And what concession did Cheney’s bitch get out of the deal? The Administration “will consider” legislation putting the NSA programs under the judicial purview of the FISA court. Note the pointed complaint from Patrick Leahy. In response to Specter’s abdication of responsibility, CNN’s Jack Cafferty called him a “gutless Republican worm” this afternoon.

Mark Warner became the first Democrat to openly question whether or not Hillary can win a national election. Warner said last night that the Democrats need candidates who can win all across the country, and run on more than just anger at Bush. Yet over the weekend, when asked the question by MSNBC’s Tom Curry whether or not he was the alternative to Hillary, Warner punted.

GOP senator John Warner is finally getting off his ass and convening hearings into what the Pentagon did to cover-up the Haditha killings. Knowing Warner, nothing will come of this.

Dick Morris says that both Gore and Giuliani could upset the plans of Clinton and McCain respectively for their party’s nomination, and that McCain can’t get the GOP nomination. He says that if Hillary runs and Gore stays out, it wipes out any chance by Kerry or Edwards to gain traction but that either Mark Warner of Evan Bayh could gain traction as new faces on her right.

In the Huffington Post, former CBS News producer Mary Mapes, who left the CBS Evening News as a result of the right-wing firestorm over the Dan Rather report on Bush’s TANG memos, reminds us that there has never been any proof that those memos were forged, and there has never been any refutation of the content of those memos.

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