Thursday :: Jun 8, 2006

Strike Three - Are We Out?

by pessimist

King George is often accused of being the Worst.President.Ever, and for lots of good reasons.

I was tossing and turning tonight (for reasons not related to the political disaster once known as The United States of America) when a different rationale for that accusation popped up in my head. Mulling it over, I decided that I might be on to something - and the ramifications of that rationale just might prove as frightening to you as it does to me.

The following qualifications are solely mine. Yours may vary.

As I was musing over the concept, I was thinking of some of the previous Worst.President.Ever titlists , and decided that there was more than one category available to determine the runners-up.

For instance, for the worst previous Uniter-Not-Divider, think of James Buchanan. He took many actions which aided Southern Slavery even though he was a Northerner himself. He also avoided taking any action which called upon him to use his authority as president to act in the benefit of the nation as a whole. It's as if he was in favor of elitism, and was willing to sacrifice the nation in its service. His ineptitude and short-sightedness helped bring about a little thing known as the American Civil War.

Then there is the Worst-Public-Steward. Herbert Hoover rates here. Toiling in the service of the Gilt Guilty, his fiscal policies were so slanted toward the investor class that he managed to completely collapse the American economy. Then he did nothing to reverse the damage he caused for over two years, making things so very much worse. Perhaps he was hoping that the sort of corporate fascism that arose in Germany due in part to economic collapse would rise in America? Friends of his later tried to stage a coup d'etat against Franklin Roosevelt! His corporate servitude brought on a little thing known as the Great Depression.

Divisiveness and fiscal irresponsibility - You're on George!

Take all of the qualifications I listed for Buchanan and Hoover, and you have Bush. Inept, short-sighted, fiscally irresponsible, taking actions which could bring about a fascist police state in America - and violent, bloody civil war when the economy collapses.

That list doesn't sum it all up - but I think I've scared you enough. According to Sidney Blumenthal, it certainly scared the champion's father:

The elder Bush's intervention was an extraordinary attempt to rescue simultaneously his son, the family legacy and the country.

Sins of the father? Guilty conscience? I don't know - but it looks like 'strike three' to me!

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