Thursday :: Jun 8, 2006

Estate Tax Repeal Fails, What's Next?

by Duckman GR

Sad to say, but Bush lost another vote today, this time on the Estate Tax. Bummer.

On a procedural vote they failed, FAILED I say, to stop debate, 57-41. Losers yet again, and Frist staked his reputation on this bill too. So sorry Kitty, lost again. And according to the NY Times, the chances of the marginally less odious compromises passing face the same fate.

Though a handful of lawmakers continued to search for a compromise that could pass, negotiators appeared unable to reach a deal before the end of this week — if ever

So future generations won't have to make up the $700 billion to $1 trillion the tax would've raised on some of the top 1 percenters that it would apply to. And make it up we would, deficit spending financed by federal debt must be paid one way or another and who better than the middle and lower economic strata of citizens, right, gop elite?

It's been suggested that now the goppers will move to our next distraction, the Flag Burning Amendment, which is supported by a number of Democrats, like Dianne Feinstein.

I've written to her before on this subject, she does not accept my burning logic and rightness, so I tried a different tack, below the fold.

"Dear Senator Feinstein," I wrote. "You [see, she did it herself, big mojo for DiFi! Women love flattery, I hear!] defeated the gay marriage amendment. You [again with the mojo, DiFi heap powerful Senator, she rules!!] stopped the Estate Tax repeal and saved future generations trillions [okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit] of dollars in debt service. You rock!"

So I pointed out that bush and the GOP are feeling it, desperate to show us how good and electable they are in November, so desperate they plan on raising [ouch!] the Flag Burning amendment, yet again.

I then referenced past correspondence without pointing a finger at her failure to grasp the logic of the First Freakin Amendment.

"But now is not the time to vote for it," I thoughfully continued. "All that would accomplish would be to give Bush [look, I even capitalized his name!] and the GOP {these squids too!] a victory at the expense of you [there's that Big Bad DiFi again], and the Democratic Party, and even more importantly, at the expense of the people of the United States of America." [She likes the little people too, you know]

"The amendment is meant, not to protect the Flag, why I can't remember the last time somebody protested by burning the flag HERE IN THE UNITED STATES, [Wait, it suddenly occured to me. The wingnuts think that this would stop al Queda and Palestinians and various other people that don't like us from burning our flag. Bet me money on it!] but to serve the GOP and divide the Democrats, to stir up the GOP base, and force the Democratic Party into reacting once again to the GOP, instead of doing what we do, fix problems if we had the power. Nothing more."

Then I tossed in some names to get the juices flowing. "You think Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rev. Moon, Rupert Murdoch, Grover Norquist, [now there's a rogues gallery for ya] you think they care whether people burn the flag or not, really? All they care about is power, money and power, and their aim to use this amendment and well meaning Democrats like yourself to get and keep that power.

"Don't fall for it Senator, I beg of you. You would be playing right into the hands of Karl Rove if you did so."

Maybe let her know what you think too, right here.

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