Friday :: Jun 9, 2006

Specter Will Give Bush Amnesty Over Past Illegalities on NSA Spying

by Steve

The Specter cave-in is complete. Instead of his original concerns about the legality of the NSA programs and desire for the them to be subject to FISA court oversight, and despite his recent angry letter, “Single Bullet” has thrown in the towel under Cheney’s pressure, and will now support a bill that not only allows Bush the choice of whether or not to get a warrant, but will also grant an amnesty to past illegalities in the program. Don’t believe the bamboozlement that Single Bullet is menacing to the White House. He’s a pussy.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, and its worthless chairman, serves no purpose to this democracy. Committee Democrats should from now on boycott or publicly abstain from future votes to show up Specter for the eunuch he is. Dianne Feinstein, who opposes Specter’s cave-in but who bears responsibility for not challenging him directly and publicly and forcing a showdown on executive branch castration of Congress, should now take these issues to the floor of the Senate and embarrass Specter.

But she won’t. She’ll simply whimper about this, and coast to a safe reelection this year.

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