Friday :: Jun 9, 2006

America Must Want It This Way

by pessimist

It's finally happened. No longer does the GOP feel the need to hide their anti-democratic actions. I don't know what Shooter has over the Single Bullet, but it's clearly got him serving the New World Order's agenda.

But it's the relative lack of conern of most Americans over the clear demise of the Great Experiment that has me dismayed. Despite all of the notices on the blogs, and despite the recent arousal of the SLCM in covering these stories (however lamely), it's becoming very obvious that the American people don't care a whit about who is running their country into ruin as long as they can pretend there is nothing wrong.

Is it any wonder the Chinese think of us as spoiled children?

The majority of the American people don't vote, so they don't care about their votes being stolen. They don't understand the law, so they don't care that the government isn't obeying it anymore. They don't understand economics, so they don't know that their economy is being stretched to the breaking point.

As long as someone changes their diapers and refills the bottle when they holler, they are content.

When another nation (most likely China) decides that they have had enough of George's shenanigans, they won't have to worry about an uprising of the people. All they will have to do is keep the refineries and breweries operating, the roads clear, and the television showing mind-drek. Keep the American people sated and amused, and you can get away with nation-killing. After that, they can do what they want without opposition.

If the first King George III had done this, we would still be subjects of the Crown.

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