Saturday :: Jun 10, 2006

Steve Soto Quoted in the New York Times

by Mary

Adam Nagourney is covering the YearlyKos and he has a piece up about Mark Warner's courtship of the bloggers at YearlyKos. The piece discusses how Warner's speech at lunch was a pretty typical stump speech, but there could be a tension between what Warner wants and what the activist blogging community want.

It was interesting to find a quote from Steve Soto in this piece since he probably couldn't have gotten it from talking to Steve here.

Steve Soto, who writes The Left Coaster blog, said that the Democratic leaders running the campaigns to win the House and Senate "are still treating the blogs and some of the advice from them about message and focus as unwanted solicitations from crazy relatives."

Warner clearly was courting the attendees, and joked about how "last night we had our first date" (in his very extravagant party) and expressed the hope that there would be more "dates".

As I commented over on emptywheel's piece about the Warner bash:

emptywheel, I didn't get to Warner's party last night deciding to beg it off. However, your description of it reminded me of the early days of George W Bush's campaign in 1999 when he flew into Iowa:

Kasich offered reporters a hamburger lunch if they travel with him Sunday, knowing few would accept. It was a lighthearted jab at Bush, who was holding a lobster bake for the more than 100 journalists flying to Maine and New Hampshire to witness his coming out.

We know lots of journalists were pretty seduced by the lavish attention they got from Bush. Hope the blogosphere is a bit smarter about this all and keeps focused on what's best for America.

Hopefully Governor Warner will come around to spend some more time talking and less time courting.

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