Sunday :: Jun 11, 2006

A Couple of Key Messages from YearlyKos

by Mary

A couple of key messages that I picked up from YearlyKos were:

  • It is up to us to make a difference. Howard Dean and PZ Myers both strongly stated that we need to stand for elections.

    Dean: But there is one more thing we need you to do: run for office. The more decent people there are in office, the harder it is for the sleazebags to be there. Ultimately, if your generation wants to make its mark on politics, voting is not enough; giving money is not enough; you’ve got to get engaged in helping out campaigns and running them yourselves. Become a library trustee. Get involved in your communities.

    PZ Myers and Wesley Clark: [Clark] and Myers both advocated increased local involvement by scientists and the scientifically literate civilians, especially on school boards, to ensure rigorous science curriculum standards remain in place. (Myers pointed out that many teachers are nonetheless too intimidated to teach much in the way of evolution, but more vocal public support could help.)

  • What we are doing is very important to change the climate in Washington. Barbara Boxer, Howard Dean and Harry Reid expressed thanks for what we've been doing to help them stand against the right wing machine. Boxer thanked the blogosphere for the roses and the welcome whenever she posts on dKos.

    Dean: First of all, thank you for coming to my defense every time a Washington politician said we should do it the old way: you guys are the best.

    Reid: As a former boxer, I know a fighter -- and a winner -- when I see one, and as Senate Democratic Leader, I'm glad there are so many of you fighting on our side. Whether it's spreading the truth or fighting for what's right, you have made a tremendous difference for our country and the Democratic Party.

    It was you who was quick to stand against the Swift Boat Smear of John Kerry.

    It was you who defended Valarie Plame and Joe Wilson against Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

    It was you who helped Democrats win key victories in Social Security and the Nuclear Option.

    And it is you -- today -- who are making sure the truth is heard.

It is clear that we've started to make a difference, and we need to do more because we have a daunting task: after all we still have to take back our country.

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