Sunday :: Jun 11, 2006

For The Birds

by pessimist

The Air Force has been a hotbed of scandal - sexual assault, religious persecution, racism, hazing cadets to suicide, ... - for years now. Reading the link headers alone on this webpage is enough to make one wonder if there is any adult supervision of this church camp service branch, especially in light of this new scandal involving Air Force personnel:

Sex scandal hits Patrick Air Force Base
Master sergeant faces charge of arranging encounter with inspector
June 10, 2006

An Air Force senior master sergeant has been charged with arranging to have a female staff sergeant have sex with an inspector who was in town to judge Patrick Air Force Base's readiness. Military documents allege he also arranged sex for at least three other married Air Force men. The senior sergeant forced the woman into some of the sex acts by telling the reservist he would keep her on active duty unless she performed, charging documents say.

Courts-martial dates have been set for July 10 and Aug. 1. Lt. Col. Maria Carl said that "the Air Force takes allegations of misconduct by airman of all ranks very seriously, investigates those allegations fully, and takes appropriate action whenever warranted."

Sure - at least until it can be kited away, out of sight, and out of mind. Makes you proud of our military, doesn't it? At least in Iraq and Afghanistan, they kill.

That's what they are for.

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