Monday :: Jun 12, 2006

McCain Now Blames Social Security, Not Tax Cuts For Growing Deficits

by Steve

Watch “Straight Talk’s” 2008 campaign go “boom” in his efforts to pander to his party’s right wing. McCain is about to revisit privatization.

After flip-flopping from his earlier opposition to Bush’s budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, and voting in favor of extending them and their deficits well into the next decade, John McCain will tell the Economic Club of New York tonight that entitlement spending, and not fiscally reckless tax cuts are the culprit behind our fiscal imbalances. He’ll also indicate that both Medicare and Social Security will drain the economy and won’t deliver the promised benefits to retirees.

"A tsunami of entitlement spending is threatening our economy while providing no real security for retirees. We have made promises that we cannot keep."

"No real security?" "Promises that we cannot keep?" This sounds like a replay of last year’s privatization lies that Bush told about Social Security’s imminent collapse, when in fact Social Security will be able to pay full benefits for another four decades and will then still pay benefits that exceed what Bush’s privatization plan would pay. But that won’t stop McCain from sounding like a privatization proponent tonight, and is another example that McCain will say anything to anyone to get elected in 2008.

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