Monday :: Jun 12, 2006

Fitzgerald Doesn't Expect Problems From The White House

by Steve

Patrick Fitzgerald told Judge Reggie Walton today that he didn't expect the White House to raise executive privilege concerns over any sensitive documents requested by Scooter Libby's defense team, and that he and Scooter's attorneys anticipated finding a way to resolve any such problems before trial with Judge Walton. Fitzgerald also told the court that the White House knows who he plans to call as witnesses for the prosecution, and what he wants them to testify to, and there have been no problems to date.

For their part, Scooter's team said with a straight face that they haven't decided whether or not they will call a memory expert to testify about Scooter's bad memory, but that they'll tell the judge later this summer if they plan to do so. So we have some comic relief to look forward to.

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