Tuesday :: Jun 13, 2006

Luskin Says Rove Has Been Cleared By Fitzgerald

by Steve

It looks like five grand jury appearances in front of two juries, and the hard work of his attorney were the trick for Karl Rove. Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin issued a statement this morning claiming that he received a letter yesterday from Patrick Fitzgerald notifying him that his client is not a target in the Plame matter. Fitzgerald, as is his practice in this case, isn’t talking one way or the other. It appears that this letter has not be produced to either the New York Times or Washington Post, but Luskin has no reason to lie about it.

If true, it indicates that Rove’s faulty memory defense worked, wherein he claimed that he didn’t remember talking about Valerie Plame in the initial July 2003 conversation with Time’s Matthew Cooper, and became aware of this only when his attorney discovered an email months later from Rove to Stephen Hadley.

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