Tuesday :: Jun 13, 2006

The Corpse

by paradox

It is a necessary and good thing, we are told, to chronicle the foibles and meanderings of our national chattering media class. The truth may actually make it into the national discourse, it is said, smear jobs will lose much of their effectiveness, and someday journalists might actually develop a conscience and be shamed into doing better than the offensive filth they currently spew forth every day.

Belatedly, in a frantic stab at the dike before fleeing an onrushing wall of American journalism bullshit, the little neurosis parade of the death of terrorist Al Zarqawi will still be noted here. The berserk, frenetic, psychotic, clueless American journalism will blather on, but maybe some value will be saved here in the recorded history of a nation lying to itself on the way down, fuzzy clues, perhaps, for a future nation trying to learn what not to do.

It will likely never be discovered why, but our journalism corps moves as a pack. Somehow there has to be something important to talk about, and once a story, in some mysterious voodoo mojo force, gets designated AS THE BIG STORY, why, they’ll endlessly cover it for days, not matter how obscure the truth really is or how stupid and morbidly psychotic it demonstrates their twisted brains to be.

Disgustingly, alarmingly, the pack often goes braying into oblivion just because Bush or one of his fellow felons goes before a microphone and tells them to. This time Bush showed up and said we killed a badass of the badasses, his name was Al Zarqawi, never mind any of the truth, we are bad ass motherfuckers killing in the war on terror and this time, my little lemmings, we have a special, special bonus for you.

We have the corpse. Not only that, we have a perfect picture of it! Now go!

That was it. In some sick instant psycho communication system the pack had A BIG STORY and they were going to bray after it for at least 48 hours, which they then precisely did. The pack somehow decided that enough citizens didn’t read Eric Alterman and Juan Cole, so the truth that Al Zarqawi represented a sorry-assed history of lying, obfuscation and twisted motives over a vicious two-bit terrorist thug was just glossed over and tossed in the neurosis bin. A dangerous thug, yes, but completely irrelevant in attaining US policy goals in Iraq.

Never mind! Every newspaper, every news station, every radio station, every web site had THE BIG STORY: we killed a guy. We’re great killers, we promise to kill more. A lot more.

And Jesus, Mary & Joseph, did the pack love that corpse of Zarqawi.

One might suppose, if forced to examine the putrid motives of the US journalism corps, that they loved the image of the bloated, bloody dead Zarqawi so much because it represented irrefutable empirical truth; the US journalism corps participates in so much lying and bullshit every day it must be some blessed burst of relief to endlessly publish something that could never be dishonest.

The Pentagon, of course, framed it for review. In thick gold.

The Corpse was everywhere for a full 48 hours—one could not escape it, everywhere the pack published the story the gore and blood was splashed up in full color. Many times the story would state they got information from Zarqawi’s spiritual advisor and then they would show the corpse of him.

A corpse in a good cause, one could suppose, even though everyone knows Iraq is a horrifying war crime of total failure. The journalism never shows corpses of US soldiers, no corpses of Iraqi women and children, but a corpse of a bad guy, now matter how absurd the circumstances, now that they will endlessly publish for two days. Like I said, morbid psychos.

A strange twist to the story would often be in play on day two; the journalism would often ask a source if in fact Zarqawi was relevant to significant change to the bloody mayhem of Bush’s war crime, and the answer would always be no. Then, amazingly, the pack kept vomiting the story hour after hour, relevance be damned. Along with The Corpse, of course, pulped death of US policy, baby, we’re so good at death in the land of the free. We’re not even lying this time. See? See? Newspapers, websites, television screens, everywhere in inescapable bloody gore: The Corpse.

As if being twisted sicko incompetents wasn’t enough, the US journalism corps then laughingly demonstrated how easily manipulated they are. There is some confusion on how we offed The Corpse, it is indeed critically important to know how we precisely pulped him. Autopsy tomorrow.

Another 24 hours for THE BIG STORY! Why not? Who knows how this could be critically important, but both of the newspapers chucked into my driveway yesterday had blaring headlines, both the A1 story, on how the US precisely produced The Corpse. A war criminal at the Pentagon, one guesses, thought it was a good idea to keep THE BIG STORY of how what badass killers we are at the top of news cycle for another 24 hours.

Blessedly, may Jesus be praised, for whatever reason the pack decided not to publish The Corpse along with the autopsy news. After 48 hours of sick, gory denial the pack finally got tired of their trophy of psychosis; one can never know why, one can only be relieved as the current tsunami of neurosis recedes and they appear to report relevant news again.

Karl Rove is THE BIG STORY today, so The Corpse is just gone. Poof, just like that, The Corpse will instantly recede in a flotsam of irrelevance; morbidly unimportant when it happened, forever forgotten to the future. The pack never says why.

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