Tuesday :: Jun 13, 2006

No Rove Deal

by Steve

For those of you wondering if Rove cut a deal to rat out Scooter and Shooter, Jeralyn Merritt over at TalkLeft says "no". She contacted Luskin herself and he denied any talk of a deal at any time.

Could he be lying? Sure. But at this point, I'll leave it at that. There appears to be no deal.

It would be nice to see the letter though, wouldn't it?

Update: On the Ed Schultz show just now, Jason Leopold refused to reveal and burn his source(s), at least until Patrick Fitzgerald confirms that he has cleared Rove. Leopold says that there is no evidence that Rove has been cleared other than what Robert Luskin has said to the media, without providing written confirmation from Fitzgerald. Leopold still says that his sources confirmed that a sealed indictment against Rove was handed down four weeks ago, and those sources apparently are still standing by that story today. But Leopold questions what has happened in the last four weeks to keep that alleged indictment from going forward.

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