Wednesday :: Jun 14, 2006

Keeping The Crowd Amused

by pessimist

The change has been subtle, but it has me watching closely for signs of what really is going on - and who is behind it.

For example, Iran. After weeks of blustering, the administration appears to be accomodating Iran's powerful allies, and even Iran's wary neighbors are confortable with the pending talks. It almost makes one wonder if the US has an ambassador to the UN (WaPo's Sebastian Mallaby says we need one.)

But the odd things I've noticed don't stop there.

For example, despite a 16% drop in Big Three domestic sales share, and the numerous layoff in Europe, why is GM building a Chevrolet plant in Russia?

On the other side of the world, the insults delivered to Chinese President Hu diring his last visit here are having an effect as well. Even though China is a big customer of Boeing aircraft and recently reached a tentative agreement to buy 80 planes worth $5 billion, China announces that they are going to build Airbus A320s in Tianjin.

I consider that just one blowback caused by those wonderful White House diplomats.

The scene of another blowback - Somalia - is the source of another odd incident. Despite US concerns of Islamic terrorism arising, the White House is hosting talks with Somali Islamic militants - with the Chinese making the announcement that the UN and the African Union have been 'invited' to observe the talks.

It's almost like the Chinese have taken the American 'spoiled child' by the ear and are making us play nice with the other kiddies - even though Pooty-Poot is going to take home a lot of George's marbles.

That last article, by the way, I consider to be the opening shot in an economic war declared by the Chinese against the US, a takedown of an arrogant and out of control nation while not resorting to military war. The Chinese announced in that article that there were 'better investments' available in Asia, and that investors might want to consider moving their money away from the US. Since then, stock markets around the world have been declining as investors juggle their holdings, preparing to take advantage of Chinese IPOs that are not open to Wall Street. China has taken the first steps to supplanting the US as the main investment arena, and the world is flocking to the Dragon.

I used to think of the United States as Rome in the final years of the Republic, with a Little Seizer in the White House waiting to openly announce the Empire. I'm now beginning to wonder if maybe the US isn't Sparta, with the Chinese to play the role of "elite tourists who come to observe the 'unusual' American customs".

The more I see where China's influence is growing while that of the US declines, the more I'm becoming sure that is happening.

Sparta never did regain its former power - and neither will the US. It's gone, blown away by a blow freak and his equally intoxicated 'advisors'. It isn't going to matter if, as Mary MacElveen puts it in a BuzzFlash oped, America Has the Temerity To Take Back This Country From Law Breakers - we don't run the show anymore.

We're just the clows who keep the crowd amused while the real acts prepare to come onstage.

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