Wednesday :: Jun 14, 2006

If GOP Touts Iraq Now, Dems Need To Push Back On PreWar Intelligence

by Steve

Bush, this morning, taking the offensive on Iraq (AP Photo)

As Bush and Rove take their victory laps today about Turdblossom’s apparent escape exoneration in the Plame case, it appears that yesterday’s developments have now spawned renewed energy in the inner war between the Agency and the White House over prewar intelligence and the White House Iraq Group. Christy over at FireDogLake noted this morning that with yesterday behind us, it seems suddenly that there is a renewed albeit years-too-late interest in the bigger question of Cheney’s involvement in not just the “get Wilson” campaign, but in the “9/11 Equals Iraq” grand plan. Both the Los Angeles Times today, and PBS’s "Frontline" on June 20th finally look at Cheney’s role, and as some of you commented yesterday, it appears that the net effect of Rove’s “get out of jail free” card yesterday is that Cheney and perhaps Rummy are being set up for a going-away party. And yes, as you read the “Frontline” advance copy, you can’t help but notice that it appears they had assistance from the Agency, and perhaps soon-to-be author George Tenet.

This is relevant because Bush is taking the offensive on Iraq, and the GOP is about to use perceived success in Iraq of late as a club tomorrow against the Democrats in the House when the phony “I support the war” resolution comes up for a vote. Majority Leader John Boehner plans to browbeat Democrats into the corner using a renewed “9/11 Equals Iraq” storyline, and if the GOP wants to reopen that door this week, Democrats should push back hard on the findings of the various inquiries that Saddam had few if any connections to Al Qaeda and had no role in 9/11. And if Boehner wants to raise flout the “9/11 Equals Iraq” bloody shirt tomorrow, then Harry Reid should renew his demand that Pat Roberts stop stalling and get on with the Phase Two inquiry into how the Administration, and now specifically Dick Cheney used pre-war intelligence and responded to dissent. Trust me, the GOP does not want to go there, and the one thing that Reid has over Frist, Roberts, and the White House is that he can shut down the Senate again and demand this inquiry, and throw in the claim that the White House buried all of this until after the election by lying to reporters and stalling Fitzgerald’s investigation. If the GOP wants to fire at Democrats on Iraq this week, Democrats should return fire in spades.

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