Thursday :: Jun 15, 2006

GOP Values

by Steve

“Amnesty is wrong because amnesty rewards someone for illegal behavior."
--James Sensenbrenner, May 26th

Let’s review the GOP’s "values":

Granting amnesty to “terrorists” who kill American troops: Good.

Granting amnesty to Mexicans: Bad?

Just checking. And yes, GOP senators are actually endorsing such amnesty. If you are going to support giving a free pass to those who killed our soldiers and rolling them into the government, what message does that send to our troops that remain over there? For the record, the only one of these senators that actually served in combat was Ted Stevens of Alaska, who served in the Army Air Corps in World War II. The rest of these GOP slugs avoided serving their country.

Lastly, tell me Speaker Hastert, what “steely resolve” is there in supporting “terrorists” who killed American troops, you combat-dodging, bribe-taking slug?

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