Thursday :: Jun 15, 2006

Bush Administration Suggested Amnesty Idea, Not Iraqis

by Steve

Well, well. After Harry Reid hits Bush with a 2x4 on the amnesty issue this afternoon, introducing a Senate resolution that calls on Bush to tell the Iraqis that we oppose granting amnesty to those who have killed Americans, the aide who made the comments to the Washington Post for their story suddenly has his previously-submitted resignation accepted by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Unfortunately for Bush, even though al-Maliki moved the aide out of the limelight, neither he nor the aide walked away from their support for the amnesty proposal, leaving it out there for Democrats to hammer around further.

In Washington, Senate Democrats offered a resolution after the appearance of the article in The Post demanding President Bush repudiate the amnesty proposal regarding attackers targeting American forces.
"It is shocking that the Iraqi prime minister is reportedly considering granting amnesty to insurgents who have killed U.S. troops," Senate Democratic Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) said. "On the day we lost the 2,500th soldier in Iraq, the mere idea that this proposal may go forward is an insult to the brave men and women who have died in the name of Iraqi freedom. I call on President Bush to denounce this proposal immediately."
"Terrorists and insurgents shouldn't be rewarded for killing American soldiers," said Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who also sponsored the resolution.
The Senate resolution declared, in part, that, ''President Bush should immediately notify the government of Iraq that the United States government opposes granting amnesty in the strongest possible terms."

But is al-Maliki walking away from this proposal now? Nope. It’s still out there.

Another Maliki aide, asked if the amnesty being considered by the government was likely to apply to those who had attacked U.S. forces, said Maliki had been ''clear, saying those whose hands weren't stained with Iraqi blood" may be eligible for any amnesty.

Even worse yet, we now find out that it was the Americans who first suggested this amnesty for those who have killed Americans.

In an interview in early April, Humam Hamoudi, a leading member of Iraq's largest Shiite religious party, said officials from the U.S. Embassy had raised the prospect of amnesty offers "for those who have not killed innocent Iraqis." The embassy has never confirmed such a proposal.

I wonder how Senators Stevens, McConnell, Alexander, Cornyn, and Chambliss feel now?

Update: Interesting. The Post has now deleted this last paragraph from the story. But when you enter the name of the person who was quoted in the earlier story in the Post's search engine, the paragraph still comes up. I wonder what is going on, and why?

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