Friday :: Jun 16, 2006

Open Thread: 2006 Race May Be Decided In The 'Burbs

by Steve

Read this piece in Friday's New York Times, which reports that both parties are focusing on the suburbs to win the 2006 races. While the GOP has consistently maintained a large margin over Democrats in the areas 60-80 miles from an urban core, where you find your legions of gas guzzling SUVs trekking to work every day assuming their god-given right to as much gas as they need, Democrats have recently gained ground in suburbs next to the urban core. As you move outward from the urban core, studies show that the Democratic vote goes down. But those same studies show that some suburbs where the GOP previously had a large margin are trending blue as the population ages and diversifies. And there are more votes in those suburbs than there are in the exurbs way out there. Which makes the GOP GOTV effort all the more critical to hang on to control this year.

OK, its your turn.

Oh, by the way Brother, Happy Birthday.

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