Friday :: Jun 16, 2006

Morning Update - Democrats Could Win Touting Cheney Task Force And WMD Inquiries

by Steve

Democratic Opportunities And Agenda

The Wall Street Journal runs a good piece this morning on the similarities between 1994 and 2006 in pointing out that the scene is set for the Democrats to pick up a lot of ground this year. Despite the spin from the GOP about fewer seats being in play this year than in 1994 due to GOP gerrymandering and their advantage in sophisticated computer-driven GOTV efforts, Jackie Calmes correctly points out that unlike 1994, when the GOP needed 40 seats to gain control, this year the Democrats need a pickup of only 15. And a little noticed item from that recent NBC News/WSJ poll this week was that 38% of those polled say they will be voting for a candidate who is against Bush. That same poll reported that a consistent plurality so far this year wants to vote for someone new, and not their current representative. And by nearly a 2-1 margin, respondents want Democrats in control of Congress to act as a check-and-balance on Bush.

As for that poll, 54% of those polled said that they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supported withdrawing all of our troops from Iraq within 12 months, as well as increasing the minimum wage to $6.75 per hour; the latter is a key plank in the House Democrats’ agenda this fall. And as to what a Democratic Congress should do when it regains power, by over a 2-1 margin (69%-26%) respondents said that Democrats should investigate energy prices and Dick Cheney’s energy task force. By a 57%-40% margin, respondents said that Democrats should also investigate the administration’s use of pre-war intelligence. Are you listening to what can be your fall agenda Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?

Jefferson Bounced For Now

Nancy Pelosi tackled a tough issue last night when she forced through a vote to strip William Jefferson of his Ways and Means Committee assignment until an investigation is completed to determine his guilt or innocence in the pending federal case against him. The vote was contentious and closer that one would think, because unlike the GOP, which seems to wait for indictments or convictions until they remove one of their own, Pelosi wanted Jefferson to fight his battle on his own without tainting the rest of the caucus.

GOP "Dumb As A Post" Update

Republican representative Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia), who has yet to introduce one piece of legislation before now, and who thinks the Department of Education should be eliminated, dedicates himself to one cause at least, if only he knew something about it. He is pushing a bill to install the Ten Commandments in the House and Senate chambers, but was unable to name them when pressed to do so by Stephen Colbert. (Hat tip to “Crooks and Liars”)

They Still Want Us To Leave

And in all of the recent hoopla by the media in portraying Bush in a positive light regarding Victory In Iraq, it was glossed over that the Sunnis asked Bush for a withdrawal timeline this week. Naturally, he said screw that.

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