Friday :: Jun 16, 2006

Several Likely Good Outcomes For Democrats In The Senate This Year

by Steve

Image courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo

If you want to see why Joe Lieberman has lost his marbles, you need look no further than to see his attack ad against Ned Lamont, wherein Lieberman and his attackdog Carter Eskew make Lamont out to be a bearcub coming out of Papa Bear Lowell Weicker's cave to come after poor Joe. The locals even seem to be rejecting the ad. But at least Bill O’Reilly still thinks Joe is swell. Which, along with this ad, is all you need to know about Lieberman in August.

If you want to see why the Virginia Senate seat held currently by George "Dixie" Allen is a likely Democratic pickup, you need look no further than Democratic nominee Jim Webb and his campaign advisers James "Mudcat" Saunders and Steve Jarding, who were the guys who helped Mark Warner become the Virginia political powerhouse that he is. Webb will win this seat.

Add to this Bob Casey, Jr.'s probable defeat of Little Ricky Santorum in Pennsylvania, Jon Tester's probable defeat of Conrad Burns in Montana, and Sherrod Brown's probable defeat of Mike DeWine in Ohio, and what Harry Reid is sitting on now is a possible net pickup of three seats to 47 (plus Bernie Sanders to make it 48). This is before taking into account what Sheldon Whitehouse may do to Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island, and what Harold Ford may pull off in the open Tennessee seat (Frist's), or Claire McCaskill's effort in Missouri.

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