Saturday :: Jun 17, 2006

Politicizing the Debate

by Mary

One thing we've learned since Bush has taken over the government is nothing, absolutely nothing is out-of-bounds when waging war against the opposition. The United States was founded by individuals who believed that the duty of the government was to serve the public and to do the greatest good for the majority. Under Bush, this mission has been transformed to do everything you can to use the government to divide and polarize the country and to destroy your political enemies using any means at your hands. Can you imagine any other administration blatantly using the Pentagon to create partisan talking points that can be used to call the opposition traitors?

Five months before the November elections, partisan passions ran high. Republicans argued repeatedly that their Democratic opponents lacked the toughness to confront terrorism, returning to themes that they used successfully in 2004. "Many, but not all, on the other side of the aisle lack the will to win," said Representative Charlie Norwood, Republican of Georgia. "The American people need to know precisely who they are." He said: "It is time to stand up and vote. Is it Al Qaeda, or is it America?"

...In a highly unusual attempt to influence the debate, the Pentagon sent a 74-page "prep book" to several members of Congress, outlining what it called "rapid response" talking points to rebut criticism of Mr. Bush's handling of the war and prewar intelligence. The Pentagon sent the book to Democratic leaders on Wednesday night, apparently in error, then sent an e-mail message two hours later asking to recall it.

Bush has done enormous damage to the institutions of Government. He and his administration have forced out so many good and honorable government bureaucrats and put in their place crooks and syncophants in order to create a government that is designed to do somethings really well: enrich their friends, consolidate their control, and create a government that truly is the enemy of the common good. On this front, I'd say Bush has scored a tremendous victory.

More about this outrage at The Carpetbagger Report.

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