Sunday :: Jun 18, 2006

Open Thread - Cashing In Edition

by Steve

Read how former Bush Administration officials bailed out on the Department of Homeland Security to cash in on their government contacts to become highly paid lobbyists and consultants. That's right; guys from a department that still doesn't work to this day, are trading upon their "experience" (at f*cking things up) to now get rich quick.

I'll be gone until late Monday night down south to CSU-Fullerton, where my wife and I will be taking our daughter to New Student Orientation (sigh). Time goes way too fast.

I'll leave you with our other editors until I return.

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to my dad, my brother, and all the rest of you. May the Lord show his blessings this day to all the dads in Iraq.

OK, It's your turn.

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