Monday :: Jun 19, 2006

Why Did Jerry Lewis' Constituents Need a Lobbyist to Get Funds for their Projects?

by Mary

Head of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) is reportedly very accessible to his constituents and has been very able in finding ways to bring taxpayer dollars to his district. But with all his accessibility, the communities and businesses in his district have found that they are best served when they use Bill Lowery's lobbying company. So the LA Times asks why if Lewis was so accessible, did the constituents feel it necessary to pay tens of thousands of dollars every year to Lowery's company to get the ear of the government? Laura has more.

TPMMuckraker asks when the investigators are going to be tracking down Lewis' ties with his old friend Brent Wilkes, one of the major corruptors of Cunningham. Gee, that's a good question.

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