Sunday :: Jun 25, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

One item that I've not seen much discussion about: the growing censorship of the internet in the United States.

TPMMuckraker highlighted the fact that certain blogs have been put on the restricted access list for certain state employees in some states. But not all blogs, just the ones that are out of bounds.

But, that isn't the only censorship happening. Evidently reporters at the LA Times cannot access certain sites like because the management has determined that some sites are just not okay. (via Juan Cole) Can you believe that? Journalists can't be trusted to use Google because it might pull up something that isn't politically correct? Wow.

Perhaps should be put in the category of "Yelling fire in a crowded theatre?" Or perhaps the LA Times believes their employees just cannot be trusted to not misuse their work internet connection? And why do you think that they'll allow Playboy but not

The reporter who initially contacted Mr. Haselton could not be reached for a comment. But David Garcia, the director of media relations for The Times, disputed the claim that reporters could not access, however, "is blocked as a security measure," Mr. Garcia wrote in an e-mail message, saying it had been identified as a site used to circumvent filters. He said that The Times used software "that filters Internet sites for the entire company," not just the newsroom.

Okay... Do you think they allow journalists full access to Lexis-Nexis? And just what is the LA Times position on censoring the internet if it's China or Iran doing the censoring? Inquiring minds want to know.

What other stories have you found that have been ignored? And since this is an open thread, all other topics allowed.

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