Wednesday :: Jun 21, 2006

Three-Quarters Supports Voluntary Public Financing Of Campaigns

by Steve

Do you, like me, ever wonder why the Beltway Democrats don’t push a storyline that they'll take Congress from K Street and return it to the people through voluntary public financing of congressional campaigns? Why isn’t this a major part of the Democratic agenda for the fall, as a way of showing a true difference between the “pay for play” GOP and the Democrats? Is it because the DLC wing of the party wants to keep it this way? Is it because Rahm Emanuel and Chuck Schumer want to scuttle such talk until they milk every corporate dollar they can this cycle?

Whatever the reason for the Democrats’ silence, a golden opportunity is being missed for the party to show a real difference with the GOP and to seize the mantle of being reformers wanting to take the government back from Corporate America. It is especially sad since a poll out today shows that three out of four respondents now favor publicly funded campaigns (including nearly two-thirds of Republicans). The poll also shows that a candidate’s support for public funding and reform gains them more votes against a candidate who refuses to pledge support for voluntary public funding.

You would think with these poll results, the DCCC and DSCC's smart Beltway Democratic consultants would jump to have their candidates run on this plank this fall, and force their GOP opponents to either pledge similar support or come out against it, and then be tagged as a corporate bagman. But that’s just me, a simple blogger who isn’t as smart as all those sharp Beltway Democratic consultants.

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