Thursday :: Jun 22, 2006

Santorum And Hoekstra Are Loons

by Steve

You may have heard yesterday that Little Ricky Santorum and House Intelligence Committee chair Peter Hoekstra claimed that WMDs were found in Iraq. Both of them soiled themselves yesterday with this claim. The intelligence community and the Pentagon have come out and undercut the claim by pointing out these munitions were degraded pre-1991 shells that the David Kay/Charles Duelfer Iraq Survey Group already knew about. Santorum then got the joy of hearing that the Pentagon thought he was out of his mind from Fox’s Alan Colmes.

In essence, Santorum lost the race today for good, because Bob Casey Jr. will now get to portray Santorum as a desperate, unstable fool. As for Hoekstra, Jane Harman or any other House Democrat cannot take him seriously as a committee chair after this insanity. He is unstable as well.

No wonder that neither one of them are willing to take a hard look at pre-war intelligence manipulation. They are both batsh*t crazy and in serious need of medication.

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