Friday :: Jun 23, 2006

Democrats Need To Challenge GOP's Arguments On Iraq

by Steve

A couple of days before al-Maliki supposedly will offer the insurgency an exit of all multinational forces under the eyes of the UN, the Iraqi government is forced to shut down Baghdad today due to rising sectarian violence. An afternoon curfew has been implemented as a result of the Sunni militias brazenly setting up roadblocks in downtown Baghdad, which isn’t a sign of stability after the string of mass kidnappings of late. But remember, according to Bush, things are getting better in Iraq.

John Warner says: "We have the momentum. We must take advantage of this momentum and this opportunity to move forward."

Where exactly is this “momentum” Senator?

John McCain, that great strategist, says: "The options on the table have been there from the beginning. Withdraw and fail, or commit and succeed."

What exactly does “commit” mean to McCain? John Kerry should really pin McCain down on that one. Because if the current level of US forces is showing itself to be irrelevant to the ability of the Sunni insurgency to cause mayhem even after our supposed “victory” in getting al-Zarqawi, then we can only conclude that when McCain says “commit”, he must mean either adding more troops, or another Friedmanesque delusion of “please give it six more months.” In either case, the only way Democrats are going to gain traction in this debate if they insist on talking withdrawal (and I still have my reservations about this course of action) is to start going directly at the basic underpinnings of the GOP arguments and challenge them for sanity.

The first step for undermining the credibility of the GOP in supporting this ongoing war without questioning its wisdom is for the Democrats to take these statements from the GOP and to pointedly question the judgement and sanity of those who are making them.

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