Saturday :: Jun 24, 2006

Spying on us for what?

by Duckman GR

Just a quick note here, via the FBI. It seems that the big terror plot Abu had to break up NOW NOW NOW (take that marty!) was busted, not by listening to your phone calls, not by sifting through your bank records, no, not even by getting your library records, but by an informant.

The FBI learned of the plot from someone the defendants tried to recruit, authorities said.

Granted, these guys are not the brightest tools in the world, but if this is the best that bushco can come up with, their whole premise, from fighting them there and not here, to violating the fundamental rights of all Americans, is moot.

9/11 should have been a police/swat type of action against al Queda and that reprehensible murderer OBL, with a military excursion against their state sponsor in Afghanistan, to be followed by a major and extensive reconstruction of that battered and war torn state, with no diversion of assets to Iraq. That would have made a bigger, more positive impact for the US on the Middle East than any kind of success that could arise from the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

But then how could we control the oil in the region?

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