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Feelin' The Love

by pessimist

King George didn't feel the love the other day. He seems not to like being touched - especially by a sailor!

Don't ask, Yore Hindni$$, and we won't tell.

The Question of the Day at the Last Chance Democracy Cafe is: Could YOU love a Republican? Generally speaking, as most of the respondents say that most GOPpers they know live in some WRASP (White Rich Anglo-Saxon Protestant) yaddalaladada land - NO.

The fact that so many respondents to the question [scroll down to comments] feel that the Republicans they know need a dose of reality should make one pause. Could that be why - after kissing up to them for weeks now - John McCain is taking the Republican Party to task for profligate spending?

"I'm afraid it's because at times
we value our incumbency more than our principles,"

the Arizona Republican said.

Speak of yourself, John.

Oh, wait! NOW I see! Johnny-boy might not win if the GOP doesn't change their ways. That's why he's been braying at the Shrine of Saint Ronnie:

In his remarks, he called himself a Reagan disciple.

At a time when America was divided by Vietnam and torn by social upheaval, Reagan "possessed an unshakable faith in America's spirit and greatness that proved more durable than the prevailing political sentiments of the time," McCain said. "When walls were all I had for a world, I learned about a man whose courage and love gave me hope in a desolate place. His faith honored us."

McCain went on to deride his party for the explosive growth in the practice of "earmarking," in which House and Senate members steer federal spending to pet programs without review. The number of earmarks tripled during a 10-year stretch of Republican control in Congress, "not a record Ronald Reagan would have been proud of," McCain said.

He's not the only pol whose record is nothing to boast about who is blasting McCain's party for a poor performance record.

While RINO McCain is busy blasting the GOP, so is DINO Hillary:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) said ... "We're not blindly united like the other side is, where they are like the three monkeys -- 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,' " she told reporters after a speech to the Democratic group NDN.

Clinton said her party's stance of "honestly and openly struggling" with the issue of Iraq is in contrast to the GOP's embrace of the White House's conduct. "There is very little willingness to do what should be done in holding this administration accountable," she said. "They're not going to say anything negative about the president, the vice president, the secretary of defense or anybody else. I think that's irresponsible. It's negligent."

That's REAL hard-hitting there, Hil - coming from someone who supported Bush with a vote [2003] in favor of giving him war powers "without regrets" [2004], calling it a "difficult issue" facing the country [2006] , and by not being present to vote against the bankruptcy bill.

The Irregular Times calls Hillary a Lieberman Democrat:

Some people are willing to follow whomever has the most power, regardless of whether that power is employed in the right cause. Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has failed to stand up to George W. Bush. When Russ Feingold called for the censure of George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton left him hanging.

Hillary Clinton turns out not to be what her supporters wish she would be. It started with support for Bush's tax cuts for the rich, then into Clinton's vote in favor of the Patriot Act, though she never even read the legislation before voting on it. Then, of course, there was Hillary Clinton's support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Hillary Clinton has gone sliding further and further to the right, supporting initiatives to mix religion and government, supporting Pro-Life candidates, and even voting for a law to end free speech as we know it by making flag burning a crime.

If all this doesn't convince you that Hillary Clinton is becoming more and more like a right wing Republican with every passing year, consider this: Senator Clinton is now defending Joseph Lieberman. In fact, Hillary Clinton isn't just defending Lieberman, she is helping Lieberman defeat a true progressive Democrat, Ned Lamont.

Hillary Clinton ought to be ashamed to be seen in the same company as Joseph Lieberman. Lieberman has said that he will abandon the Democratic Party and run against Ned Lamont as an independent if Lamont wins the Democratic primary.

If Joseph Lieberman won't be loyal to the Democratic Party, and regularly rejects basic Democratic Party values, why should Democrats be loyal to Lieberman?

Why indeed! Let's take Joemental - PLEASE!
Connecticut Bob thinks that Joe's priorities are a little too far off-base:

Check the red arrows in the image below...they all point to "health care" and "social security". Then check the black arrows...while I'm all for keeping Long Island Sound clean, I don't think it merits TWO mentions; especially considering the fact that 2,500 Americans weren't killed trying to clean it up.

I'd love to be able to forget about the war in Iraq too!

Yeah, the fucking WAR IN IRAQ doesn't ever rate! Apparently Joe doesn't think there's any interest in that minor little scrap. That's so....Republican of him.

Lieberman's Democratic primary opponent Ned Lamont thinks so also:

"I think the Senator sounds more like George Bush every day," Lamont said.

We have to let Joe hang himself with his own words have his say:

"I've always tried to level with the people of Connecticut and I don't believe in playing politics with our national security," Lieberman said.

Oh? Say it ain't so, Joe!

It's the first time he's been in the state since he voted with Senate Republicans against both of the Democrat sponsored amendments to pull troops out of Iraq. Lieberman toured the Pratt & Whitney plant in East Hartford Friday and touted his ability to work with Republicans late Thursday to lock-in to the defense budget the purchase of at least 133 Pratt jet engines for the F-22 fighter over the next three years.

Trolling for Democratic labor votes - by claiming to defend America through a vote for an expensive Republican allocation for parts the Pentagon is going to buy anyway - sounds to me a whole lot like playing politics with our national security, Joe. Just so you know.

Over on the other side of the national map, one Congressional wannabee in Utah thinks he's got the answer to the question of why America's government is in the condition it currently is:

[John] Jacob explained that, when people try to do something good, there are frequently forces that align to stop them. "There's another force that wants to keep us from going to Washington, D.C.," Jacob said.

Jacob said Thursday that since he decided to run for Congress against Rep. Chris Cannon, Satan has bollixed his business deals, preventing him from putting as much money into the race as he had hoped. Numerous business deals he had lined up have been delayed, freezing money he was counting on to finance his race. "You know, you plan, you organize, you put your budget together and when you have 10 things fall through, not just one, there's some other, something else that is happening," Jacob said. "It's the devil is what it is."

Asked if he actually believed that "something else" was indeed Satan, Jacob said: "I don't know who else it would be if it wasn't him."

How about KKKarl Rove, Jacob? A guy like you who really believes in following his religion [Jacob is LDS] is a threat to those who only pose in the robes of religion - like KKKarl's liege, George I of Crawford. He would have the means and a motive to interfere with your business deals.

And then there is 'reliable' vote counting should you not see the horse's head in your bed and bow out. Without Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoyah, the rising awareness among voters that King George's days as ruler should be numbered would see to it that he and his corrupt cronies would be ousted from power in a fair election. KKKarl's job is to see to it that never happens.

But with the Corporate-Controlled Media becoming more willing to expose the Chimporer as a fraud (not that Red Staters are in any danger of becoming aware of this), SOME kind of intervention to prevent this sort of Voter's Day of Reckoning is greatly desired by Bu$hCo supporters.

It's the only way they think they can avoid the consequences of their actions.

Like Hell you will, kiddies.


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