Monday :: Jun 26, 2006

Media Notes

by Steve

Some media notes for you this afternoon:

Note that things are looking up at MSNBC, to the point that they are planning to possibly dump their useless conservative and ditzy hosts while retaining and building the network around Tweety and Olbermann.

As for Fox News, their ratings are down significantly this year, and Roger Ailes is threatening the staff. As long as he is threatening people for their poor performance, perhaps he can fire himself for thinking up the idea of piloting a conservative version of the “Daily Show” that would have blond bimbo liar Laura Ingraham as a hostess, a show so bad that even insiders call it “absolutely terrible.”

Liberal media commentator and host Bernie Ward shows us all how it is done: if you want to get a right wing know-nothing pundit to explode into silliness and walk off the stage, stick with your points and make them answer you. Stay on message.

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