Tuesday :: Jun 27, 2006

Open Thread - "What's Up, Rush?" Edition

by Steve

Limbaugh: Will he ever "rise" again after this?

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was detained at Palm Beach International Airport for the possible possession of illegal prescription drugs Monday evening.

Limbaugh was returning on a flight from the Dominican Republic when customs officials found a Viagra prescription that did not bear his name. Instead, the bottle of pills had the names of two doctors on it according to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

The offense is a second-degree misdemeanor, which could violate the terms of the deal that allows him his freedom. I hope the sex was worth it, dude. You know, what happens in the Dominican, stays in ..... uh, well at least it did until tonight.

For God’s sake Rush, take a leave and get some help, will ya?

(Hat tip to Christopher)

It's your turn.

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