Tuesday :: Jun 27, 2006

Hypocrite-In-Chief Wants Another Crack At Privatization - So Does McCain

by Steve

More Hypocrisy from the Hypocrite-in-Chief today:

The line-item veto has bipartisan support in the Congress. Thirty-five Democrats joined more than 200 Republicans in the House to get the bill passed. That's a good sign. I was disappointed, frankly, though, that more Democrats didn't vote for the bill, especially those who are calling for fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C. I mean, you can't call for fiscal discipline on the one hand, and then not pass a tool to enhance fiscal discipline on the other hand. You can't have it both ways, it seems like to me.

No, Mr. Bush, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t tout fiscal discipline when you haven’t vetoed one spending bill in five years; when you turn a blind eye to the Pentagon’s waste in weapons and Iraq spending; when you create the largest piece of corporate welfare ever in the Medicare Part D program; and when you create an unnecessary new multi-billion bureaucracy in the Department of Homeland Security.

And thanks for reminding us that you will be trying again to privatize Social Security again next year:

As you might recall, I addressed that issue last year, focusing on Social Security reform. I'm not through talking about the issue. I spent some time today in the Oval Office with the United States senators, and they're not through talking about the issue either. It's important for this country -- (applause) -- I know it's hard politically to address these issues. Sometimes it just seems easier for people to say, we'll deal with it later on. Now is the time for the Congress and the President to work together to reform Medicare and reform Social Security so we can leave behind a solvent balance sheet for our next generation of Americans.
If we can't get it done this year, I'm going to try next year. And if we can't get it done next year, I'm going to try the year after that, because it is the right thing to do.
Here’s the question of the day: who were the senators that Bush met with today in the Oval Office to discuss the line-tem veto and taking another run at privatizing Social Security next year?
MR. SNOW: Let me provide for you a list of those who were in attendance. Also, as you know, he gave a speech just a few minutes ago to the Manhattan Institute -- that was already announced earlier this morning. Those who attended the meeting with the President on line-item veto included: Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist, Senator Thad Cochran, Senator John McCain -- let's see -- I've got the wrong list here, so I'm going to switch until I get the right list.
We also had Senator Kit Bond, Senator Judd Gregg, Senator Susan Collins -- I'm speaking from memory here. I'm trying to envision the room. I don't want to forget anybody, because then I'll create a big incident. Senator Ben Nelson was there.
Q Any consensus?
MR. SNOW: Any consensus? Well, yes. The idea of a line-item veto, everybody wants to get a handle on government spending. (Laughter.) You laugh. Let me just -- I apologize, I thought I had the whole thing right in front of me, but naturally, I didn't. So let me just -- permit me to fidget here for a moment so that I can get all the names out and not -- make sure that we're not missing anything.
Frist, Gregg, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Kit Bond, John McCain, Ben Nelson. How about that, I had them all. Okay.

John McCain? Well, well; that should make things interesting in “Straight Talk’s” march to the presidency.

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