Thursday :: Jun 29, 2006

Afternoon Update

by Steve

Trent Lott said on Fox today that the Supreme Court decision on Guantanamo has our enemies "laughing at us." Of course, Lott had to admit he hadn’t read the decision. Who is laughing at whom now Senator? It will be good to have Trent the Rug back as GOP Minority Leader next year.

With the Democrats in full control of the statehouses this year in Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington and West Virginia, as well as picking up the governorships in New York and Ohio later this year, it could be that the man who is singularly responsible for the Democrats retaking and cementing a safe lead in the House by 2010 is none other than Tom DeLay.

As for Ohio, it looks like Bob Ney’s days and those of his machine are numbered.

The G-8 told Iran today it had until next week to respond to the latest offer on its nuclear program, and Iran just as quickly said stick it, we’ll wait until August to respond.

Oil production is finally up in Iraq. We’ll see who ends up with the money.

More than 80% of national security and terrorism experts polled by Foreign Policy magazine and the Center for American Progress agree that America is losing the war on terror, due in part to Iraq.

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