Saturday :: Jul 1, 2006

Survey SAYS!

by pessimist

TIME poll: Good news now and then doesn't change the fact Americans are sick of Bush's nonsense.

By this, they don't mean - as Dumb DINO Joe Biden brought up the other day - "Would you rather be getting down with your spouse or getting the political lowdown from Henry Paulson, Stephen Hadley, and John Negroponte?"

Nor is this TIME poll referring to "the Prime minister of Japan pretending he's Elvis in front of Michael Jackson's ex-wife while George Bush looks on like a drugged-out Zombie", even though - as Maureen Dowd puts it:

"With his small circle of pals and Iraq war defenders — Mr. Koizumi, Tony Blair and Silvio Berlusconi — drifting off the world stage, and with allies pulling back troops in Iraq, President Bush may soon be as isolated as Elvis was at the end."

So what DOES it say?

What the TIME poll says is: "Americans say the President is performing poorly and that the country is increasingly on the wrong track."

What the TIME poll says is: "the nation of laws is under assault by an administration that only knows what it wants and will do anything it needs to effect the outcome it desires."

What the TIME poll says is: in the words of Common Cause President Chellie Pingree - "This [Supreme] court is out of step with the vast majority of Americans who want to take back their democracy from wealthy special interests and strongly support spending limits."

The White House policy in Iraq is the biggest terrorist threat to America on the table, while another major attack on American freedom and liberty - Bush "Signing Statements" - was called "a grave threat to our constitutional system of checks and balances" by Senator Pat Leahy and others:

Bruce Fein, attorney and renowned legal scholar, told the committee that Bush has essentially given himself a line item veto power by declaring portions of new laws unconstitutional and offering his own revisions. Fein said. "The President does not enjoy a constitutional option of unilaterally pronouncing a provision he has signed into law as unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it on that count."

Citing Bush's behavior as "alarming," Fein suggested that the President could be impeached for "political crime(s) against the Constitution."

There is good news today! Presidential Impeachment Measure on November Ballot in Berkeley, CA. Thus, Berkeley joins Santa Cruz, California State Assemblyman Paul Koretz , former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean - [also here and here] - towns in Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire and five in Vermont , and Rep. John Conyers, former Harper’s Editor Lewis Lapham, former Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, and a majority of Americans. Many links to others calling for the impeachment of King George are here, and Wikipedia has a listing of links and a history of the movement.

I can hear all the objections about the viability of an impeachment, and I share many of them. I don't think the voters will give the Democrats a Congressional majority this Novemeber, Diebold or no. I don't think the Democrats are brave or patriotic enough to do their duty to the nation if somehow they do gain a majority. I think that this country is about to undergo a trial of tribulations unlike any in our history, and once the people get a taste of it, all pretense of believing in the Constitution and what it represents will be thrown out with the rest of the democratic [small d] detritus littering the path of the corporatists who have chosen to end the Great Experiment for personal gain.

I just hope that they haven't converted their ill-gotten gains out of dollars yet. That way, they can share our pain.

But the point is this - history will have many witnesses as to who is to blame for the demise of this nation. That will be the legacy of King George and the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse. I only hope that, when democracy again is able to lift its head against tyranny, those who seek it won't become as stupid as Americans are today. I hope they are smarter than we have been, and will learn from our mistakes.

I only wish that we had.

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