Monday :: Jul 3, 2006

Lieberman Will Jump Ship If He Loses The Primary

by Steve

I have loyalties that are greater than those to my party.
--Joe Leaverman, today

The word out from Connecticut this morning and early afternoon is that the Joe Lieberman campaign has called a press conference for 1 PM Eastern (ten minutes from now) to announce has announced that if he loses the Democratic primary next month, he will circulate papers to run as an independent in the fall campaign against Ned Lamont.

Lamont should immediately call for Lieberman to just make it official and run as a Republican.

Actually, from Lieberman’s standpoint, he has to do this. The Leaverman campaign must have internal polling that shows Lamont is threatening to catch up and snatch the Democratic nomination, and with statewide polls showing that Joe would win in a three-way race, why would he sit on his hands if he knows that in the end there is a guaranteed path to get back to Washington and those cheek-kissing opportunities with Bush and Dick? It really isn’t about the Democratic Party with Joe, as much as it is about Israel and Joe’s thirst for access and righteousness.

This does make things sticky for Chuck Schumer, and deservedly so. He may be tempted to funnel money to Leaverman, but the truth is that if this plays out the way Joe hopes, he will become an independent vote that Bush and Cheney can count on in the same way that the Democrats can count on Bernie Sanders next January when he takes over the Jim Jeffords seat. So Schumer would be giving money to a guy who will be free now to vote against the Democrats for the next six years whenever he wants.

Joe had better hope that the Democrats don’t retake the Senate anyway in 2006 or 2008, because if he jumps ship, wins his race, and sees the Dems win back the Senate anyway, he’ll be on his own Joe-island.

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