Wednesday :: Jul 5, 2006

Did The Right Wing Try And Scam The Mexican Election?

by Steve

Why does Mexico’s presidential election look more and more like what the GOP did in Florida in 2000? With the “discovery” of 3.5 million uncounted ballots in a race that the ruling conservative party was quick to claim victory with a margin of only 400,000 votes nationwide, those early projections of victory by Felipe Calderon over Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador are in doubt. In fact, with the recount underway today and a third of the vote counted, Lopez Obrador has now taken a 2.5-point lead over Calderon.

Calderon must be worried. Perhaps that is why he offered a spot in his cabinet today to Lopez Obrador. Yet it may be an offer he is no position to make.

Udpate: Lopez Obrador's lead with over 40% of the ballots counted is now up to 2.63 points.

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