Wednesday :: Jul 5, 2006

Not Another Dime, Barbara

by paradox

Every year I cough up the requisite manna for Barbara Boxer, the only element that seems to hold any loyalty at all in DC: money. One hundred dollars, to be precise, and I always trusted her not to audit where the PAC spent the dough.

I come in from a flight today and what…the…hell is this? Barbara Boxer to campaign for Joe Lieberman?

I am still not over Harry Reid voting for Hayden, so the possibility of incoherent, enraged, choleric ranting for the utterly imbecilic stupidity of this grossly offensive stunt is extremely high. Nobody wants to go there.

You’re never getting another dime, Barbara, and you’re not getting my vote either. I’ve simply had it with these kind of incredible betrayals. I don’t continue disastrous relationships in my life, it’s a drag.

Barbara Boxer: No money. No vote. Have a nice life.

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