Friday :: Jul 7, 2006

"Buff Guy" Visited White House At Least 8 Times . . In 2001

by Steve

"What are you benching, buff guy?"
--Bush, to Jack Abramoff

Look what the White House released to Judicial Watch in the late Friday afternoon news dump. After the Secret Service was able to find records of only two visits by Smiling Jack Abramoff to the White House, it now turns out that "Buff Guy" didn’t visit the White House only two times, he visited the White House at least eight times . . . in just 2001 alone.

And Talking Points Memo has an item today that shows Kenny Boy Mehlman, while he was White House Political Director, had a staffer keep Abramoff up to date on all matters dealing with Guam, as if Abramoff was being "served" by the White House. But of course, Mehlman told Vanity Fair that "Abramoff is someone who we don't know a lot about. We know what we read in the paper."

Jack who?

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