Saturday :: Jul 8, 2006

Some Readings

by eriposte

Emptywheel at The Next Hurrah has long been keeping me (and many others) enthralled with her brilliant work. To see an example of why she probably has the best insight into Patrick Fitzgerald's strategy and the Plame case, read this post in particular: "Libby's Contradictory NIE Leak Stories".

Talking of Joe Lieberman, Emptywheel briefly explains the second most important reason why he is in a state of mild panic (the first being that he seems to believe he has a - shall we say - constitutional right to his Senate seat). Funny how the conservative-tilted traditional media is so engrossed with the Lamont primary challenge and some of the usual suspects seem to consider this a travesty of sorts (conservative being challenged by a progressive), that they don't seem to be able to muster much outrage over conservatives challenging less conservative (or more progressive) incumbents. Chris Bowers explains.

I'm just going to make an educated guess here that Republican Congressman Peter Hoekstra is just trying to imitate Bush Rubber Stamper Arlen Specter. As a refresher, Bob Fertik has helpfully defined Specterism:

Specterism n. A threat to stand up to Bush that is never meant to be acted upon and withdrawn at the very first opportunity.

Could there possibly be a more clueless and incompetent President than George Bush when it comes to handling crackpot dictators and terrorists? I have a hard time believing that one exists. This post by Barbara at Mahablog kinda sums it up.

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