Monday :: Jul 10, 2006

Breaking Down the Breakdown

by pessimist

As the Blog Lord pointed out below, nationalization of Iraq's oil supplies seems to be a rational next step for al-Maliki. It might stop the bombing of the oil pipline everytime it gets patched together after the latest service interruption. Could this be the only thing al-Maliki demands when he visits Washington next week?

I say no. He's out to consolidate his power before the Sunnis can mount an effective opposition, otherwise what would inspire fired policemen in Muthanna Province to attack the governor's office demanding reinstatement? This region is the next to be returned to total Iraqi control, and these ex-'cops' want back into positions of power. Why would not al-Maliki?

He may have good reason to do so before too much longer, as Kurdish commandos are infiltrating into Turkey and riling up the situation there - an issue over which Turkey will go to war. Almost three years ago to the day, eleven Turkish troops were detained by American forces while inside Northern Iraq. They were allegedly there to assassinate Kurdish leaders, but no official acknowledgement of this was ever issued.

Now that open hostilties have again erupted with Kurdistan, watch for Turkey to take advantage of the chaos in Iraq and attempt to end their Kurdish Nationalism 'problem' in the same manner they did the Armenians.

Good job, Yore Hindni$$! More profits for Carlyle and Halliburton!

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