Tuesday :: Jul 11, 2006

Iraq Cannot Wait 2 Years

by paradox

After a day when at least 40 Iraqis—including women and children—were kidnapped and butchered off the streets of Baghdad comes word of a dog’s head sewn onto a girl’s corpse and over 55 killed with two bombings in Sadr City. Iraq is in utter gruesome chaos and every single alternative for the United States is the same: withdrawal and failure.

As Atrios noted yesterday, this fact of total failure and the lunacy of the idiots who promoted it is a forbidden topic for our national journalism corps—hell, those slimy, slavering corporate hyenas are determined to make any horror good news for the president.

Along with the criminal code of silence in the media there is also, incredibly, this accepted notion that Bush, Cheney, the rest of the freaks and media that even though total failure is with us—we don’t ever really say that, though, of course not—nothing can be done until 2009, over two years from now!

Admitting failure cannot happen on their watch, that’s always the answer, as if women were routinely raped and beheaded on the streets of DC, hey now, no big deal, if we don’t broadcast it on TV don’t worry about, silly citizen. 4 billon dollars a month, 50 or 60 American dead thrown in (2,544 dead already) 40,000 Iraqis dead, eternal shame from multiple war crimes, why, you just go on your little peon way, American, 48 more months of precisely this suits us just fine, get used to it.

Ignoring the moral, fiscal and human outrages of this heinous scenario (should it ever truly come to pass) there is one undeniable fact that will emerge: the Republicans, the media and their enabling Democrats will forever be recorded as the very worst evil, stupid, lying killing governing class of elites an industrial democracy has ever produced.

The second fact is that these animals only fooled themselves as they lied and butchered weak useless humans for their absurd evil. The rest of the country and the world can still read, write and record. They don’t watch CNN or Today, they truly know history, ethics, economics, science—The Enlightenment, you know, they didn’t flush it down the toilet in the 21st century, go figure.

The Second Dark Age, brought upon the world by freaks named Cheney, Yoo, Bush, Hadley, Lieberman, Scalia, Wolfowitz, Addington, Feinstein….some corner of the world, know it like one sees these pixels, will record the truth about what we did and what utter evil chaos was unleashed upon us all.

That bill is coming, no matter what those offensive evil idiots on World News Tonight blather on about every day. Better to admit the truth, live as honestly as we can and try to solve problems (oil dependence) instead of this nauseating, horrifyingly dangerous denial.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We could really lose the country over this, it’s that dangerous. It seems so utterly futile to write this sentence, but it must be said anyway: leadership could take us out of this and this terrible horror of death, maiming and atrocity could stop. For Christ’s sake, at least we could stop doing it and lying about it!

If we really do wait 48 months we will never, ever live down the shame of it and the real truth about what evil animals we let our government become will be forever, eternally accepted as fact.

I pray for leadership to take us out of this. It’s such a weak, useless sentence but after ranting, raving, pleading, reasoning and begging it’s the only comfort I draw from living in this insane, death-plagued American life. How I’m supposed to stay cheerful and optimistic with 28 months of this gory hell in store for us I do not know.

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