Wednesday :: Jul 12, 2006

Open Thread - Authoritarian Regime Edition

by Steve

I think we knew that the recent blast from GOP House Intelligence Committee chairman Pete Hoekstra against the administration for revoking his Kool Kids card was just that: a tranparent cry for attention from a guy who in the end simply has a hard-on against the CIA for not cooking up intelligence to match his agenda. We now have proof of that tonight, as Hoekstra took the McCarthy-esque posture that the Bush Administration needed to go to war against its own intelligence community to stop leaks. And why does Hoekstra feel that the intelligence community is allegedly leaking to the media?

Because they have been infiltrated by Al Qaeda or its sympathizers. I kid you not. Is that further proof of what John Dean posits in his upcoming book, that the modern GOP is driven by a hard core of 23% of the population that will follow authoritarian leaders and do whatever they tell them to do, even if it means thrashing the Constitution, their personal privacy and civil rights, and commit violence against those deemed to be opponents of the regime?

I'll have more on Dean's book over the coming week, but for now, it's your turn.

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