Wednesday :: Jul 12, 2006

Putin Belittles Cheney

by Steve

I have to laugh when I see Vladimir Putin has better writers than the White House:

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism of Russia “an unsuccessful hunting shot,” a caustic comment that underlines tensions ahead of the Group of Eight summit this weekend.
Cheney, in a May speech in the ex-Soviet republic of Lithuania, accused Russia of cracking down on religious and political rights and of using its energy reserves as “tools of intimidation or blackmail.”
In response, Putin said, “I think the statements of your vice president of this sort are the same as an unsuccessful hunting shot. It’s pretty much the same.”

Note how Putin is playing off Bush against Cheney:

Putin, who regularly makes distinctions between outspoken critics among politicians in foreign countries and the leaders who tend to speak less vehemently, seemed to set Cheney apart from President Bush, calling him “my partner and friend” and suggesting that he is no longer mired in Cold War thinking.

Of course Putin knows that the White House uses this good cop/bad cop act all the time, as he plays Bush as the amiable bumbler propped up by the overrated power-behind-the-puppet in Cheney. Yet he clearly has no fear of, or respect for Cheney, and has fun rhetorically kicking Cheney in the nuts and belittling him. Too bad the Democrats are too afraid to do the same every day.

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