Wednesday :: Jul 12, 2006

MId-Afternoon Update: Bush Is Always Right

by Steve

The Government Accountability Office reported yesterday that Bush’s occupation of Iraq and his whole policy was a failure. The media largely didn’t pay any attention to the report, but I give credit to the Washington Times.

Remember all the good news yesterday about the improving deficit numbers? Aside from not mentioning that it has taken five years for federal revenue levels to reach where they were five years ago and the fact that Bush is still raiding Social Security to the tune of over $170 billion a year to get to that $296 billion deficit, the administration buried the fact that they will ask for another $110 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan next year.

Alberto’s Justice Department tells Congress that it doesn’t matter if Bush incorrectly interpreted the Supreme Court’s Hamdan ruling last week. Why? Because according to the DOJ, the president is always right. Besides, as Spencer Ackerman of the New Republic pointed out, nothing in the administration’s decision yesterday to suddenly bring detainee rights policies into compliance with the Geneva convention protocols prevents the CIA and Rumsfeld from shipping detainees to overseas “black sites” run by other countries to get around the court’s decision.

Billions way too late, the Army is ending its sole-source logistics contract with Halliburton. The shame of contaminated water and food for our soldiers and outright fraud still wasn’t enough to shame Rummy into doing the right thing until now.

Despite the right wing smear machine, Dan Rather is viewed unfavorably by only 26% of the public.

I hate to harp on Mark Warner, but hiring former Kerry manager Jim Jordan and claiming growing GOP support isn’t going to help you win the Democratic nomination from the base.

Joe Conason reports in the New York Observer today that after Joe Leaverman’s wife went to work for the lobbying firm that represented GlaxoSmithKline in 2005, he introduced a bill very beneficial to the industry. Please Joe, after you killed Arthur Leavitt’s attempt to regulate the accounting industry’s cross-over into consulting in the 1990’s only to see the Arthur Anderson/Enron meltdown at the end of the decade, and now this, please don’t lecture Ned Lamont or the rest of us about morality in public life.

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