Wednesday :: Jul 12, 2006

Power perspective

by Duckman GR

Went and saw the Andy Warhol exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art and I was struck by a quote of his painted on one of the walls: "If you want to know about Andy Warhol, just look at the surfaces of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it."

Now, recognizing the “pop” of his art, the popular culture that so discomfited the pearls and black tie crowd from the 60’s, what can we do to apply this to today’s grown up (?) goppers and their offspring?

We see it time and time again, their inability to extrapolate beyond the printed word. Look at the comments we get from our wrongwinger guests, how they base their outrage on literal interpretations of events, votes, quotes, that dreaded nuance that they scorn so deeply.

But look at what the failure to exhibit nuance has delivered to us. An occupation in Iraq that has crippled our ability to deal with the very real problem of North Korea, an untimely occupation of Iraq that crippled the work being done in Afghanistan to try to rebuild and regenerate that battered and proud nation, a fortunate (in this sense only) (oh, and watch the wingers on this one) occupation of Iraq that has crippled our ability to conduct another misguided occupation/invasion/regime change/shock and awe adventure in Iran.

Nuance is a different creature to the two parts of the power in DC, the leaders, and their followers. The leaders, well they have their own agendas, the oligopical leaders hiding behind the pols and their staffs and the lobbyists, accumulating vast wealth and its concomitant power, the compensating leaders willing to display such utter incompetence and disregard in order to cover for the power grab they facilitate, all thinking that nuance weakens them, buckles their knees, softens their voices, cautions their boldness, when it could save them, while their followers see nuance as a distraction, a complication that clouds their righteousness as they desperately fight for their flat world reality, unaware of how their fears compromise their humanity and ultimate deprive them of what they so anxiously cling to.

But nuance is just reality expressed as there are other things to consider when one is decidering things. Which makes bushco's reckless disregard for our civilization so senseless. Unless, I mean, I know, the big boys and girls running the USS Titanic must have plans for living in self contained domes else their power madness is self destroying in the long run, and, sure, the fundies don’t care because the Jesus lovin rapture is surely fast approaching stage right, but for the vast majority of people living in the real world, well, we have other concerns. And we’re crying out for somebody who has some power to step up to the plate. It’s not that we don’t know what we want, we do. A return to the laws of this land, a return to reasonable discourse, reasonable greed even, an end to this unconscionable occupation of Iraq, the criminal and senseless killing of innocent civilians at our hands, torture, harassment, illegal incarceration in defiance of our own laws, a return to fairness, an environment clean and sustainable for long term living, healthcare and education that benefits all individuals and the greater society, business and community alike. Oh, and of course, by promoting economic fairness and prosperity world wide, making us safer and more secure in the homeland.

Instead we get bush chirping about how one of the biggest budget deficits ever is good news, based on the puffed up estimates made earlier in the year. But all the gild and lipstick in the world can’t change the basic facts.

The folksy talk has worn thin, the “we gots to” sounding ignorant and hollow. Only in the fevered minds of bushco supporters can such a deficit be something to crow about, and to use this “Great News!” as the lead to resuming what’s really on bushco’s tiny little mind, those billions upon billions of Social Security dollars so lusted for by Wall Street, people like the new Treasury Secretary who has made the tough, tough I tell you, decision to give up his cozy and overpaid, way overpaid, CEO gig at Goldman Sachs for the paltry salary of a Cabinet official. A position that would allow him to better implement privatization of Social Security so he and his firm might reap in Billions. Why yes, what a noble sacrifice he’s making.

What a speech bush gave, full of contempt for Congress and the American People, half truths and platitudes, typical bush fare, just further demonstration of his utter lack of regard for his putative job as President. Remember, that’s not why he’s in the White House.

>“Change dynamic five: They’ve bankrupted the country. There is a sense of foreboding in the country that this Republican government has bankrupted the country, run up the deficits and passed on our debts and obligations to future generations. They have made a mess of things financially and hurt the country. This is one of the top worries about any future Congress, and one of the key things voters want to put a halt to.”

Sure, you thought he was, but no, look at the facts, look at this deficit, look at the concentration of wealth in this country, look at the lack of plans or planning in all cases unrelated to tax cuts for the rich, or government spending, corporate welfare, for Big Business, the lack of a vision for America beyond working more (higher productivity) for less (wages not keeping up with inflation), for the benefit of Big Business.

Watch the first part of Fahrenheit 911 and tell me how serious that tard is about government for the people of this country. Look at his beady little eyes empty of expression or emotion or thought, just like Warhol said, sitting there as the minutes crawled by, while Americans died horrible, black, choking deaths. And all because his job seemed to interrupt his vacations. Oh, sure he hired people to do the job for him, but Condi couldn’t be bothered to do her job, hell, she didn’t seem to know what her job was actually, couldn’t be bothered to read the reports or head the warnings, cheney had other priorities, and Rummy, well, he had a military to remake, with all the concomitant new weapons systems and hi tech gizmo’s to let contracts for.

Put it that way, the evidence suggests a different job description than what we all thought it was or should be. Even when he mouths words that appear to put the country above partisanship, it’s “the homeland” or “the military,” but not the American People. “[T]he role of the government is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit,” says bush, for once shedding some light on his truth for us. We’re here to work, and he knows what’s best for us, for Congress, for the world. When his masters let him. They’re so busy slavering over the Social Security fortune they don’t care what he does outside the bounds of economic issues, but when this world they’re determined to create collapses around us all, what will they say then, as the lost opportunity costs of the American Experiment gives China control of all of our fortunes and futures.

It’s time we stop looking at this as a policy fight or a political battle along the usual lines of Washington DC and the Beltway conventional wisdom. It’s not a game. Oh, they try mightily to make us think so, the way they report the horseraces of political campaigns, the way the try to make the Lamont/lieberman debate a win or lose affair for instance. Of course that nasty little man did well in the debate, he’s a professional, whaddya expect, Dubya? But the real issue wasn’t about joe, it was about Ned Lamont, and in that regard the debate was a roaring success, because he appeared a professional too.

How Swift and Orwell would spin in amazement to see and hear an utter and complete failure trumpet, well, failure, as if it were success. As if a $296 billion dollar deficit was a good thing. As if increased tax revenue is a good thing for the anti tax party.

There was bush, threatening Congress by trumpeting his need for a line item veto as a “DETERRENT” to the Republican Dictated Congress’ budget excesses. There was bush, telling the American People that it is their fault the budget is out of whack thanks to all those entitlements. Yes, bush plans more wars, this time on Congress and the American People.

And he’s got the dirt on enough people to make it a dangerous proposition for us all. And his handlers have the power, as bonddad [] discusses over at DKos.

That’s right, people, they have the power. We don’t. What ya gonna do about that? Just try to imagine what you can do to stop these cretins, these perverters of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Article I, Sec 8 says “Congress shall have the power to declare war … and make rules concerning captures on land and water” not bush, but Congress. Doesn’t seem to matter much does it, not with the Rubber Stamp Republican Dictated Congress we’ve got.

It's time for a grassfire to clean out the detritus and debris, that's all there is to it, else America perishes. And I don't want to have to that come to pass. Do you?

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