Friday :: Jul 14, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

So does your company have an insurance policy on you that benefits them and not your family when you die? This scam was such a hot deal that Abramoff proposed using it to Ralph Reed, Christian soldier extraordinaire, to find a way that black churches could fund the expensive lobbying fees they'd need to pay Abramoff's firm and Ralph via the introduction of the Black Churches Insurance Program. As one Reed friend said, "it sounds like Jack approached Reed about mortgaging old black people." Emails indicate Ralph thought this looked interesting. Today Reed's spokespeople say, not so much. Yet, this is the same Ralph Reed who sent an email to Jack Abramoff declaring: "Hey, now that I'm done with the electoral politics, I need to start humping in corporate accounts! I'm counting on you to help me with some contacts." Would this be one way Abramoff was fulfilling that request? What do you think?

Your turn now.

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